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Episode 020: TERA Interview

Brian Knox (Senior Producer) and David Noonan (Lead Writer) from En Masse join Vince and I for a fantastic interview about TERA.  We discussed races, classes, achievements and much more.

December 17 2010

Episode 19: VGAs Recap

This week, Vince and I discuss Spike’s VGA… event.  We cover the reveals from the night, as well as the awards and what our choices would have been.

December 14 2010

Episode 018: NPH Sings the Phone Book

This week, Joe decides to sleep in for a while, so Vince and I start the show with some VGAs news (specifically Neil Patrick Harris hosting it), and move on to other gaming news. Eventually Joe makes it to the show.

December 08 2010
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Episode 065: The One About Blizzard

This week, Vince and I discuss Cataclysm at length.  We gush over what we’ve discovered thus far and look forward to so many cool nights of gaming

December 14 2010
Episode 064: HL and the News, Baby

This week, the boys and I discuss some Enslaved, Guild Wars 2, Everquest II, awesome Back to the Future excitement and more.

December 08 2010
Episode 063: Post-Shattering

Before even beginning the podcast, Joe managed to mortally jab me with an unwarranted attack on my person… leading to a fairly funny intro.  What can I say, I got better.

November 30 2010
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Episode 020: Teenybopper No More

This week, Vince and I tackle the new Thor movie trailer (live), the most incredible Taskmaster miniseries and the start of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.  Taskmaster makes up for the other two topics.

December 16 2010
Episode 019: Shadowlands Finale

The moment Vince and I have been waiting for arrived last week, and we have to talk about it.  I am, of course, referring to the Shadowlands finale.  Does it live up to what we’d expected?

December 09 2010
Episode 018: New Avengers Special

This week, we give y’all another special episode featuring one series; The New Avengers.  Both Vince and I have been really enjoying this series.  Check out what we had to say.

December 03 2010
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VGAs Recap VGAs Recap

The VGAs, as expected, were painful to watch… however the choices in nearly each category will spur a lot of discussions… mostly because so many were wrong.

December 13 2010

Diablo III: Character Customization Diablo III: Character Customization

Joe discusses the Diablo III character customizations which were announced at BlizzCon.  He also gives a hands-on review of the new PvP arena system.

November 03 2010

Diablo III: Demon Hunter Hands-On Diablo III: Demon Hunter Hands-On

It’s all well and good to read about the Demon Hunter… watch some videos… perhaps drool a little on your screen.  But what’s it like to actually play one.  Joe gives us his thoughts.

October 28 2010

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Captain America Issue 611: “The Trial of Captain America, Part 1”

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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